Lets get real for a second here... No one just books a photographer to "just have pictures taken", you book with me because you want to remember a very special moment. Whether it be with your partner, you finally have all your family together in one place which.. think about it sometimes that doesn't happen very often or better yet you're getting married or eloping at a beautiful destination!

When you book with me I am that Gal to make all those emotions come pouring back to you by simply looking at a single image better yet a whole gallery.

This is me <3

Hey there I am Jessica and I am the founder of Jessicamh Productions (of course). I am also much more than that!! I am a mother and a wife who loves to spend time with my family & friends, when I am not doing that you can catch me outdoors enjoying the beautiful gift of nature God has given us!

Ive been interested in photography since I was a child. When my grandparents would come and visit they would always be taking photos of nature and just about anything they found amusing, so I truly think that is what sparked my interest! I have been blessed enough to make photography/videography into my career.

What sets me apart from other photographers is my attention to detail and my ability to capture the true essence of YOU! I believe my duty as your photographer is to tell an a story instead of just snapping pictures.

So whether you're looking to capture a special moment, celebrate a milestone or juts have some fun in front of the camera, I am your gal ! LETS CREATE SOME LIFETIME MEMORIES TOGETHER!<3

my why...

Growing up my family never ever  got photos taken of us (professionally) & as a kid I never truly thought about something like that. But as the years went by and I began getting older I saw the importance that photos truly have. I sadly lost my brother a few years back.... I have pictures of us from when we were little kids (90's) then some blurry out-dated cell phone pictures, while I am blessed to even have those I think "it would be nice to just have one clean well taken photo of us together".

I want all of you who book with me to be able to have those pictures that you can look back at years from now and be flooded with the memories of happiness & emotion. From your first kiss as a married couple, the big family embracing hugs, senior portraits, that moment when your partner gets down on one knee and asks you to spend the rest of your lives together, portraits of yourself because you deserve it and so many more incredible moments there are to be captured.